Signaltape underground warning tape is setting a new standard for protecting, identifying and locating all types of buried utilities. 

Signaltape is a proprietary, low-cost solution developed to prevent excavation damage to buried utilities by providing a visible alert to the presence of a buried utility directly to the equipment operator.

"Excavation damage is a leading cause of serious pipeline incidents that cause death, injuries and property damage."


Signaltape Benefits

Signaltape XT vs Premium Stretch Marker Tape

"Signaltape breathes new life into a standard industry product while tremendously enhancing excavator safety."
- Mike Parilac, President and Owner of Planet Underground

Signaltape® Professional Grade was specifically designed to combat bucket shear when disturbed by excavation equipment.  This is due to the inclusion of a 1,250 lbf tensile strength polyester fiber core material that ensures 0Signaltape® PG doesn't shear on both sides when struck by excavation equipment, where traditional marker tapes shears underground without providing an adequate visual warning.

Signaltape® XT with Kevlar® was designed to be pulled to the surface, directly alerting the equipment operator to the existence of a buried facility.  This is due to the inclusion of a 3,000 lbf tensile strength Kevlar fiber core material that ensures Signaltape does not shear until visible to equipment operator, where traditional marker tapes shear underground without providing an adequate visual warning.

Custom Legends

Signaltape provides custom legend text, logo and emergency number at no additional charge.  Kinder Morgan uses several different custom legends to ensure their lines are labeled correctly with the appropriate emergency number.


The inclusion of a high tensile strength core material ensures signaltape pulls to surface directly alerting the equipment operator.


In sloppy conditions, signaltape remains more visible than traditional marker tapes due to its hydrophobic properties.

Low Cost

Signaltape provides the most comprehensive protection for the lowest cost.

The Signaltape Advantage

Lays Flat

Signaltape comes in 1,000 ft rolls and lays flat making it a quick and easy installation.

Custom Legend Text

Signaltape text is fully customizable to include color logos, symbols and any size/font text at no additional cost.


Signaltape is optionally detectable with the inclusion of any tracer wire, 3M RF path markers, etc. as specified.

Custom Product Development

Damage Prevention Solutions, LLC offers custom product development solutions for potential integrations.  Signaltape is the perfect delivery system for alternative detection products or other sensors.  White labeling and custom web to web lamination solutions are also available... just tell us what you are looking for?