Signaltape® XT with Kevlar® is a patents pending next generation underground damage prevention and marking system for buried facilities. 

Signaltape® XT Features:

  • 3,000 lbf tensile strength Kevlar fiber core material in a sinusoidal pattern, which ensures the tape pulls to the surface, providing a visual warning to the operator.
  • Core material laminated between two layers of rot resistant, lead free, virgin grade polyethylene.
  • Tracer wire, RF path markers or other locate technology embedded as specified.
  • Custom legends available for customers requiring unique colors and text.


Signaltape is a patent pending next generation underground marker tape for buried utilities designed to effectively alert the excavator to the presence of buried utilities.


Signaltape XT includes a 3,000-lb. tensile strength Kevlar fiber core material, which ensures the tape is pulled to the surface to alert excavation crew.


Signaltape is rigorously tested, and is continuously being improved.  Research & development efforts are a part of the culture here at Excavation Alert Systems.