Signaltape® Professional Grade is a patents pending next generation underground damage prevention and marking system for buried facilities. 

Signaltape® Professional Grade Features:

  • 1,250 lbf tensile strength polyester fiber core material in a sinusoidal pattern, which ensures the tape only shears on one side when struck by excavator, providing a visual warning to the operator.
  • Core material laminated between two layers of rot resistant, lead free, virgin grade polyethylene.
  • Tracer wire, RF path markers or other locate technology embedded as specified.
  • Custom legends available for customers requiring unique colors and text.


Signaltape includes a 1,250-lb. tensile strength polyester fiber core material, which ensures the tape is made visible to the excavation crew.


Signaltape has the flexibility to meet your locating needs by incorporating tracer wire or RF path markers inside the film during the manufacturing process.


Because research & development are deeply ingrained in our company culture, Signaltape is rigorously tested and continuously being improved.