Mission Statement

Innovation Driven Damage Prevention

“Damage Prevention Solutions was founded using the engineering design process to drive business innovation; methodically solving complex problems with elegant solutions while maintaining the highest ethical standards.”

Damage Prevention Solutions, LLC has been working with industry since 2012 to design and commercialize Signaltape®, a next generation line of damage prevention systems for buried utilities. Signaltape has been engineered to address the weaknesses of existing buried utility safety systems. Specifically, Signaltape is designed to prevent excavation related damage to buried utilities by providing an visible warning signal directly to the excavation crew before any damage has been done to the buried utility; without requiring any pro-activity or compliance from the excavation crew.

Our Team

Ryan Dunn
Founder & President
Bryan Wright
Co-Founder and General Counsel
Josh Parman
Chief Operating Officer
Dave Heeschen
Clarence Logan
Operations Supervisor
Chris Baird
Senior Operations Technician
Kit Moore
Business Development Lead
Bo Winters
Marketing Coordinator